Systems thinking
  • Global Citizen by Donella Meadows
  • Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows
  • The Systems Thinking Playbook by Linda Booth Sweeney and Dennis Meadows
  • La Nature de la Nature by Edgar Morin
  • Urban Dynamics by Jay Forrester
  • Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems by Lance H. Gunderson and C.S. Holling
  • The Blue Planet, An Introduce to Earth System Science by Brian J. Skinner and Barbara W. Murck

  • The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge
  • The Starfish and The Spider: Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom
  • Cultural Theory by Michael Thompson
  • The Origins of Political Order by Frances Fukuyama

  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
  • Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, Jorgen Randers and William W. Behrens III
  • Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
  • Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years on Earth by Curt Stager
  • Believing Cassandra, by Alan AtKisson
  • The Natural Alien by Neil Evernden

  • To Have or To Be? by Eric Fromm

  • Plenitude — True Wealth by Juliet Schorr
  • Occupy World Street by Ross Jackson
  • Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World by Brian Walker, David Salt